Metal Detector


Description: Pharmatron 05 CI Metal Detector is for inspection of metallic contaminants i tablets and capsule. Fully automatic detection and rejection of metallic contaminants from the product stream are performed efficiently without process interruption.

Main Features:

Design of GMP:
Reliable detection of all metals such as ferrous,bronze ,alloys,stainless steel,etc in tablets and capsules;
Reject time(dwell time of the reject gate) is adjustable(0.1 sec-10 sec);
Flexible operating height and gradient can be adjustable,then it is easy to connect with production line and easy to move and clean;
Fast decontamination of all product contacing parts,without tools,operation process is very easy;
Minimal loss of good material due to a fast reacting.powdeful pneumatic drive for the reject gate.

Main Technical Parameters:

*Capacity:(pcs/min) 7000
Test Sensitivity:(mm) Fe ≥0.3
Stainless Steel ≥0.5
Alloy ≥0.4
Detecting Chute:L×H(mm) 80×30
Air Pressure:(MPa) 0.6-0.8
Weight:(kg) 70
Size:L×W×H(mm) 600×650×1180

*The capacity is based on the diameter of tablet or capsule of 10 mm.

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